The mission of QBS Colorado Coalition is to promote quality and value in professional design services in the construction industry. We believe that a professional and constructive relationship between the government client and design professional is paramount to ensuring team spirit, quality services, and a public building that is a credit to your organization and the citizens you serve.

What is QBS?

Qualification-based selection (QBS) is a process for the selection of design professionals by Public Owners. It is a negotiated procurement process for selection based on qualifications and competence in relation to the work to be performed.

QBS Colorado Coalition is an organization formed by AIA/CO, ACEC/CO, and Professional Engineers of Colorado to be an advocate for qualifications-based selection of professional services.

QBS best serves the interest of the public who expect value and minimum operational and lifecycle costs for their tax dollar expended on public works and buildings.

The Brooks Act

Federal Government Selection of Architects and Engineers
Public Law 92-582
92nd Congress, H.R. 12807
October 27, 1972
Colorado mini-Brooks Bill
Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) 24-30-1401 et. seq.
HB14-1387 Section 38, CR.S. 24-30-1403(2)(a)
Removes the requirement to hold discussions with three or more firms/persons for fees estimated to be equal to or less than $25,000. For specific work within $25,000, interviews are not required and agencies can call A/Es directly for specific work, and still follow the Qualification Based Selection (QBS) laws.

Proud Supporters

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Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, Inc.
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